MuleSoft aims to help older and established organizations to essentially integrate new technologies through simple plug-and-play.

What Is MuleSoft’s Anypoint?

Mulesoft provides one single platform for APIs and integrations. MuleSoft can:

Use reusable assets to build APIs faster with clicks or code
Transform data using ML!
Test APIs and integrations on a single platform
Plug into the CI/CD pipeline and ensure 99% uptime
Troubleshoot on one single interface

How Does MuleSoft Achieve This?

Before we answer this question, let us first understand what middleware is, what iPaaS is, and how MuleSoft is the best of both worlds.

Middleware: Middleware technologies aim to eliminate the pain of integration by creating a communication layer between two systems – like a semi-permeable membrane with the bidirectional flow. Middleware provides a centralized platform for interaction between legacy systems and SaaS – a place that allows easy retrieval and storage of data.

MuleSoft’s Mule Enterprise Service Bus is a Java-based middleware solution that is reliable and easy to scale. It works with the Anytime Platform to perform any of the functions that middleware is supposed to. Mule ESB can also do more by connecting to the Anypoint Platform and help companies build Service Oriented Architecture, which opens the door to higher possibilities.

iPaaS: Integration Platform as a Service, iPaas is a platform that allows building and deploying integration within the cloud and between the cloud and the enterprise. PaaS eliminates the need for middleware as it allows users to deploy on-premises or on-cloud applications and build integration flows on the cloud itself.

The latest news by Gartner points towards the potential of iPaas as a platform that can encourage the buying, selling, and exchange of integration flows (both out-of-the-box and custom-built patterns) between users, service providers, and integration providers MuleSoft’s ESB integration with CloudHub gives the middleware solution to unequivocal iPaaS capabilities. So, how does MuleSoft achieve this? MuleSoft recommends that APIs be organized into three categories:

  • System APIs: System APIs handle greeting and expose data from core assets without allowing users to change the base.
  • Process APIs: Process APIs are allowed to shape data to suit business needs and processes. They help make data more consumable. These APIs may be the data analytics expert’s best friend.
  • Experience APIs: These APIs are UI/UX oriented and are all about how the audience consumes data on apps and devices. These APIs are likely required to be reusable to enable faster deployments.
    MuleSoft Anypoint Platform gives the organization the suite needed to create these different types of APIs to lock/unlock data, compose data, and restructure data without compromising uptime.

Salesforce and MuleSoft: Why They Work Together

Most Salesforce aficionados would agree that organizations typically use many applications that are available on Salesforce – not just one or two Apart from Salesforce native applications, there are also other applications that Salesforce itself needs to integrate with. Say, Sales Cloud for B2B and B2C sales management. SAP for Order Management, Service Cloud for Customer Support, and so on and Gmail for Mail automation. And each of these systems may or may not need to produce data that is visible to the customer on Customer 360. As the company grows, things get more and more completed – and using MuleSoft can help to scale, reusing, and flexing much simpler.


As companies continue to ride the IT 4 wave, there’s a much-needed all-rounder solution like MuleSoft to help keep things connected, integrated, and organized at an organic level. A winning formula to avoid the eye of the hurricane that transformations bring it may seem, there’s no doubt that Gartner has nothing but praises for the Magic Quadrant Leader in both Full Life Cycle API Management and Enterprise Integration Platform as a Service category.

Published On: September 21st, 2020 / Categories: SalesForce /

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