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G4S is an open source experts who are adept at creating professional content management websites that can be easily managed by the customers without the help of an IT professional. Keep track of not just your peers but, every piece of content put up on your site. G4S offers a complete end-to-end solution for customers harmonizing dynamic webpages, interactive website and an appealing online presence.

G4S Content Management System (CMS) helps you effectively manage your content, from technical documentation and reference manuals to catalogs and training guides. With our component content management software (CCMS), your company can reuse, repurpose, and publish to multiple channels. You can easily manage content at the sub-document level, giving you control over all of your content down to each individual word. Now you can provide accurate and consistent messaging on the Web, mobile devices, print and anywhere else you are publishing your content. Improve your sales and customer satisfaction with accurate and engaging content.

How It Works (Our simple 5 steps process)

Why G4S Content Management System?

G4S has been a top provider of content management systems and software for organizations of all sizes. Our sophisticated CMS software incorporates a number of features not found on any other platform, including special business logic that saves you time and money by automating critical content management system tasks.

Our content manager system also supports special integrations with your existing software packages to simplify your workflow using the publication tools your team already knows well.

G4S CMS Expertise:

  • Versatile content reuse: G4S provides content reuse of modules, components, words, graphics, multimedia and translations.
  • Comprehensive storage of content: Structured and unstructured content is all managed together in one place - in the Vasont repository.
  • Content control: G4S provides immediate notifications to content owners when changes occur.
  • Strong project management: Monitor and track projects and subprojects by date, content and users to keep them on schedule.
  • Highly configurable solution: G4S has built-in administrative tools for content configuration and process management.
  • Advanced search capabilities: G4S easy interface enables complex searches for text, graphics, documents and metadata.
  • Controlled vocabulary: Manage terminology across your entire writing team.
  • Release management: G4S offers capabilities for branching and merging multiple versions of content.
  • Integrated collaborative review: Reviewers can markup content with changes and suggestions while viewing other reviewers' comments simultaneously. Once changes are accepted or rejected, the content is automatically updated.
  • Flexible content tagging model: G4S allows content migration to alternate DTDs or tag names for reuse in different contexts and adoption of new content standards

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